3 Cents-a-Meal Hunger Funds

Ever wonder about those decorative cans that are sitting in the middle of the offering
plates as they are passed down the pews on the third Sunday of each month? 3 Cents-a-Meal
Offering is part of Presbyterian Hunger Program which began in 1976 by Presbyterian Women
to involve individuals and families in a corporate response to world hunger.

Mission & Outreach invites every member—all ages—to contribute a few cents for each
meal eaten during the month. This simple act is an expression of thanks for what we have
received and a commitment to share with others. Consider placing a jar on your kitchen table
and depositing 3 cents each day x 3 meals a day, or reach into your pocket as the plates with
the cans with the 3-Cents-a Meal logo on them are passed. This small token can help to
alleviate hunger for those in need. When you bring your offerings to church on the third Sunday
of the month, all of these coins “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” as they are received and

Our donations are distributed equally between four local missions—Beth-El, Brandon
Outreach Clinic
, Cedarkirk, and ECHO. Through these Brandon organizations, we are helping
to sustain families and provide hope for their future.